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Defending Canada's peace movement

The West's case against Russia

Reports of civilian casualties in Syria unproven. | 15/1/16

Arab Spring limps along in Bahrain

Ruling Al Khalifa family cracks down on Shia majority

| Revolution-News | 13/1/16 |

Pentagon, Obama were at cross purposes on Syria, Turks

Joint Chiefs asserted that removing Assad was counterproductive to the war on terror. Urged cooperation with Russians, distrusted Turkish regime.

Seymour M. Hersh

| news | 22/12/15 | Kb


Stultus Glavicus: Darkening the skies above Damascus
| 22/12/15 | Kb


Gwynne Dyer: Sending troops to the Middle East is dumb
| The Georgia Straight | 15/11/15 |

DAESH can maintain oil production for 10 years
| Klassekampen News | 18/12/15 | Kb

Turks complicit in funding DAESH
| news | 18/12/15 | Kb

Brits voting on Syria bombing campaign
| Guardian| 2/12/15 | Kb

U.K. armaments linked to Yemen
| Janes Defense Weekly | 1/12/15 |

Turkey implicated in DAESH oil revenues
| | 30/11/15 | Kb



Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's English website disses House of Saud

Russian army launches humanitarian op in Syria

General staff alleges international aid in terrorist hands | 15/1/16


Germans "nervous" over Canadian weapons sales to Saudis |

The Globe and Mail |13/1/16
General Dynamics Canada LAV UP 6.0

Canada leaving the fight

Minister of Defence Singh holds firm on air assets withdrawal from Iraq



Canada needed as "honest broker"

Antonio Guterres, UN refugee agencyRefugees

What's a few civilians?

CP photo

U.S. points finger at Canada for civilian casualities.
Globe and Mail | 11/12/15

Who loves ya Johnny Canuck...?

Creative commons
Apparently kids do. The Americans could care less (...see tweet below)


Inquiry to take broader view of violence against First Nations women |
| The Guardian | 19/11/15

Breaking international law in Syria

US-NATO’s “Humanitarian Air Strikes” |
| Global Research | 25/11/15

Former hostage spills on Canada and al Queda |
CBC | 26/11/15

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